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Cape Coast Ccoference History


As the cornerstone for high school athletics, the Cape Coast Conference has served the athletic
community since 1968. The original members included Cocoa, Merritt Island, Eau Gallie,
Melbourne, Satellite, Titusville, and Vero Beach (in the late 1990s it was decided to limit membership
to all Brevard County high schools with the departure of Vero Beach). When the founding members
formed the conference a contest was held to determine the name of this athletic association. The
names submitted included Spaceway Conference, Spaceport Conference, and Countdown Conference.
But in the end it was decided that the Capecoast Conference best exemplified the area in which we lived. Interestingly, there were a number of prizes that local businesses provided for the winning selections.
Among the prizes were a new T.V. set, a rod and reel, and even a .22 gauge rifle.

The first president of the Conference was the newly appointed principal of Cocoa High School,
Dr. Clyde Stevens. In 1975 a new position was added to the governorship of the conference and
David St.John from Melbourne High School was appointed the first Commissioner. Mr. St.John
held on to this position until his untimely death in 1991. At that point, Gary Shiffrin from Jefferson
Middle School took over and was Commissioner till 2012. Currently Jeremy Salmon, principal of
Eau Gallie High School, is the Commisssioner.

During the initial years of existence, the conference was made up of just male teams as the females were still separated by their own Girls Athletic Association. During the first year of play, there were eight sports in competition including football, basketball, cross country, track, swimming, wrestling, tennis, and golf. In
1975, girls interscholastic sports became part of the conference as they were made members of the Florida
High School Activities Association.

During the many years of athletic endeavors in Brevard County we have seen many outstanding
performances both by teams and individuals. Many of our talented athletes have gone on to become
stars both in college and the professional ranks. From Astronaut High School we have Chris Collingsworth
who stared at the University of Florida, the Cincinnati Bengals, and currently is a sportscaster. Also from Astronaut was Wilbur Marshall who was an All Pro and Hall of Famer from the Chicago Bears. From
Eau Gallie High was Tim Wakefield, the famous longtime knuckleballer from the Boston Red Sox and Prince Fielder, star from the Detroit Tigers. From Melbourne High came the current World Series championship manager from the San Francisco Giants, Bruce Bochy. From Merritt Island High was four time world champion from the Chicago Bulls, Will Perdue. Other pro football players from Merritt Island were Leon Bright, Bubba McDowell, Cal Dixon, and Derek Brown. The manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Clint Hurdle, was a graduate of Merritt Island. From Palm Bay High school were pro football players Reggie Nelson and Joe Cohen. From Rockledge High was pro football player Laurent Robinson. And from Titusville High was Mitzi Kramer who participated in the 1992 Olympics in swimming.

The Cape Coast Conference indeed has a rich tradition of athletic excellence over the past four and a half decades. We proudly serve the interests of all our participating athletes, coaches, and schools.








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